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Sonic Friction UK Band, Streamed Music, With No Loyalty To Genre.



Over Fed at work with the rarely changed maybe 5 to 8 songs a day in rotation from the local radio, thus finding  a need to hear something different, I have created Sonic Friction, music that keeps to No Genre at all.


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How This Music Is Created


Sonic Frictions music is recorded into a computer, music is mostly made on virtual instruments played on a midi keyboard using Using a variety of “DAW software”, “Digital audio Workstation software” including Propellerheads Reason software studio, now using version 6, which is designed to look and sound like hardware, even the virtual wires  can be moved as if they are real.


I aso use Ableton Live  which  can easily produce an incredibly fluid tempo, And Sonic Friction, is often further enhanced and also created in,

Cubase music production software and Beat Thang Virtual Plus I use 2 sets of  Yamaha digital percussion.along with samples P.S a MASSIVE amount of FREE samples can be found here

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